Off-Campus Housing

Finding housing off-campus is notoriously difficult in Santa Cruz, where rents are high and availability is low. The University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) offers a variety of resources to assist students as they search for off-campus housing. The primary resource is the Community Rentals Office (CRO), which is located in Hahn Student Services. Community Rentals provides extensive information on where to look for housing, how to choose roommates, things to be aware of, how to avoid scams, and many other items.

Additional resources are our Student Welcome Guide and our Scholar Handbook, which you can read and download through our website. These handbooks have additional information that will make your transition to the U.S. and/or Santa Cruz easier, and also include descriptions of various Santa Cruz neighborhoods.

When you find a place to live off-campus, you will likely be required to complete a housing application. Since many international students and scholars do not have a Social Security Number (SSN) and/or credit history, a landlord or management company may ask for more proof of financial ability before agreeing to a lease or contract with you. ISSS has prepared a housing letter for those without an SSN or credit history, which you can print and show as evidence of your financial solvency. Please read this letter before using it, so that you understand what it states and can explain it if asked.