Current Students

This section covers important information for current F-1 international students at UC Santa Cruz.

Maintaining your Immigration Status: F-1

Maintain Valid Documents You are required by law to keep all of your immigration documentation up to date while you are a student.
Maintaining a Full Time Course Load Federal immigration regulations require you to be enrolled full-time for the duration of your program at UCSC to maintain J-1 status.

Address Update Requirement

You are legally required to notify ISSS of any address changes within 10 days.

SEVIS Transfer out of UCSC

To transfer SEVIS records, you will need to work with both ISSS and the international office at your new school.

Program Extension

If you are not able to finish your programs by the end date noted on your I-20, but have maintained F-1 status, you may request an extension of their program.
Shorten Program/Finish Early As studies progress, you might complete all courses required for your degree before the end date listed on your I-20.
Change Status There are specific responsibilities you have when changing your status.


Employment Detailed information on what approvals are necessary before beginning to work in the U.S.


SSN/ITIN Information for both students and scholars on how to obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) or an Individual Tax ID Number (ITIN), including who is eligible, what documents you need, and where to apply.


Travel and Reentry Information about restrictions and requirements, documentation, and planning travel.

UCSC Campus Requirements

Health Insurance Requirements While a student at UC Santa Cruz, you must be covered by a health insurance plan.

Friends, Family, and Dependents

Adding a Dependent Spouses and children of F-1 students are allowed to stay in the United States in F-2 status for the duration of the F-1 student's studies, including any post-completion OPT.
Inviting Friends and Family There may be occasions throughout your time at UC Santa Cruz when you want to invite extended relatives or friends to visit you in the United States. They will require a B-2 (Visitor for Pleasure) visa to enter the U.S.