Changing Employer

  • H-1B employment is employer, location, and position specific.
  • An H-1B employee who has H-1B status from one employer may not work for another employer unless the second employer has filed their own Form I-129 H-1B petition on behalf the employee (concurrent employment or change of employer).
  • Since there is no real 'grace period' in H-1B status, the employee should not resign from his or her position until the new employer's H-1B petition has been filed and receipted.

Changing Departments

Notify ISSS at if you will be changing departments.  We will evaluate if an amended petition is ncessary before you assume job duties with the new department.

Receiving Outside Payments

H-1B employees may receive payments or reimbursements for travel expenses associated with occasional speeches, lectures, conferences, or consultations at other insititutions, if these activities are incidental to H-1B employment. However, you cannot be paid an honararium, wage, salary, and may not derive monetary or material gain from these activities. Please contact ISSS if you have any questions.