The DS-2019 form (Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor J-1 Status) describes the type of work, the program activity, in which the J-1 scholar may be engaged.

Scholars may receive payment for occasional lectures, short-term consultations, or seminars at another institution or company provided that the following requirements are met:

  • The request must be pre-approved by an International Scholar Advisor/Alternate Responsible Officer in International Student and Scholar Service Office;
  • Proposed activity must be directly related to the objectives of the J-1 Exchange Visitor’s program;
  • Activity must be incidental to the J-1 EV’s program activities;
  • Activity must not delay the completion of the J-1 EV’s program, and
  • Be documented in SEVIS.

Short-term consultations will not be authorized for periods of greater than two weeks. Occasional lectures are not regularly recurring, such as lecturing once a week for a quarter. Authorization will not be granted for situations that comprise a conflict of interest, such as working for a PI's private company. The J-1 scholar may be hired as an independent contractor for payments.

Application Instructions

To obtain written authorization submit the following documents to an international scholar advisor (MS: Global Engagement) least 10 business days prior to your proposed compensated activity. Authorization cannot be given after the activity has occurred. Receiving unauthorized payment is a violation of J-1 status.

If seeking reimbursement from UCSC for conference-related activities, you will not receive a letter of authorization from ISSS. You do not need to submit an offer or invitation letter. We will notify you of the approval.

  1. Complete the J-1 Off-Campus Payment Authorization Form
  2. Submit copy of current DS 2019 and I-94 record
  3. Invitation or Offer Letter from the prospective employer/organization, on official letterhead, which includes the following information about the terms and conditions of the offer to lecture or consult:
    • Description of the activity
    • Field or subject
    • Duration of the activity (start and end date required)
    • Total number of hours scheduled to work (please specify per week or month, etc.)
    • Amount of compensation
    • Location of activity (include address)

If the activity is approved ISSS will issue you an authorization letter. Allow 10 business days for processing. ISSS will contact you for pick-up or you can request letter to be mailed to you. Please email ischolar@ucsc.edu if you have any questions.