Mandatory J-1 Exchange Visitor Check-In and Orientation

Once an incoming J-1 Exchange Visitor’s DS-2019 is processed and issued, the visitor will receive an email with check-in and orientation instructions. Check-In and orientation are mandatory procedures within the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program per the U.S. Department of State. Exchange Visitors are required to complete a two-part process:

  • Part 1: Online Completion of Orientation Registration Form (document submission included)
  • Part 2: Attend Mandatory Check-In Orientation at ISSS

Part 1: Online Orientation Registration Form

The J-1 Exchange Visitor cannot begin this process until they have successfully entered the United States. The following information and documents will be requested of the J-1 Exchange Visitor and their J-2 dependents within the online registration:

  • US Home Address
  • US Phone Number
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Visa (not applicable to Canadian citizens)
  • Copy of I-94 Record 

The Orientation Registration Form must be approved by ISSS before the visitor is eligible to attend the in-person orientation. The J-1 Exchange Visitor will receive an email from our office once their orientation registration has been reviewed and approved.

Part 2: Check-In Orientation

Once the J-1 Exchange Visitor receives an email notifying them that their orientation registration has been approved, they are eligible to attend a mandatory check-in orientation. There is one check-in orientation each week. J-1 Exchange Visitors must bring the original passports and DS-2019s for themselves and all J-2 dependents in order to attend the check-in orientation. If the visitor arrives later than 15 minutes after the designated time, they will not be permitted to attend and must return for another orientation time. The check-in orientation typically takes about 30 minutes.

J-1 Exchange Visitors may check-in and attend orientation up to 30 days before their program start date and up to 30 days after their program start date, however, we highly recommend completing the process as soon as they are able. ISSS will validate a J-1 Exchange Visitor’s SEVIS record the same day they attend orientation.