Program Amendments

J-1 Exchange Visitors may request the following changes to their J program while under UC Santa Cruz sponsorship:

  • Defer Program Dates
  • Extend Current Program End Date
  • Change of Financial Support
  • Change of Site of Activity
  • Change of Appointment Title
  • Change of Hosting Supervisor
  • Shorten Program End Date

When to Apply

ISSS recommends that the amendment request process is started at least 2 months prior to the proposed change(s). Defer program date requests, however, must be received by ISSS within 30 days of the original J program start date. Exchange Visitors should first discuss potential program changes with their hosting supervisor. Department/Division approval and signatures are needed before the amendment request form is submitted to ISSS for processing. Once a completed amendment request form is received by ISSS, please allow 7 business days for processing.