Faculty and Scholars

Common Statuses

J-1 Exchange Visitors

(e.g. Postdoctoral Researchers, Visiting Scholars, Visiting Professors)

This is a common status used by visiting international professors, lecturers, researchers at UC Santa Cruz. J-1 Exchange Visitors must be invited by an academic department, lab, Center, or Insitute. Please view this section for information about the visa process, orientation, health insurance, program extension, and special rules for J-1 exchange visitors.

H-1B Visa Holders

The H-1B category permits temporary employment in a specialty occupation.

Permanent Residency

Employment-based permanent residency support is reserved for international faculty and staff who have been offered permanent positions at UC Santa Cruz.

Other Visa Types

Other visa types include O-1, TN/E-3, B-1/B-2/WT/WB