Meet your 2017-18 Peer Mentors

We are pleased to introduce our 2017-18 team of volunteer Peer Mentors in the International Mentorship Program, which aims to help new international undergraduate students transition to life here at UCSC. Our Peer Mentors come from around the world. They enjoy meeting new people, learning about new cultures, sharing their experience with campus life and U.S. culture, and serve as wonderful role models and inside guides to UCSC campus culture.

    Lead Mentors

  • molly headshot


    Major: Psychology | College: Stevenson

    Hello everyone and welcome to the International Mentorship Program! My name is Molly and I'm super excited to be on the team working with everyone this year. I'm a Psychology major, Education minor with a huge interest in travel and exploring the world. I'm also a Residential Assistant (RA) for Kresge College. We have a great year ahead of us!

  • Zero's headshot

    Tianyi (Zero)

    Major: Mathematics & Economics | College: Cowell

    Hello! My name is Tianyi Zhang, and I go by Zero. I am a third year international student, double majoring in Mathematics and Economics. It will be my fourth year staying with this program, from a freshman to a senior, from a mentee to a Lead Peer Mentor. I personally have benefited from this program a lot. In the meantime, I am really grateful to witness the growth of this program, mentees, mentors, and the international community at UCSC.  I can't wait to meet and get to know y'all!! 

  • Peer Mentors

  • camille headshot


    Major: Politics | College: Crown | Hometown: California

    I’m a fourth-year Politics major/ Theater Arts minor from Crown College. I teach the Mock Trial class, and work in the theaters on campus as an electrician. I’ve traveled to England, Italy, Ireland, and Mexico, and look forward to meeting and working with people from all over the world!

  • Candice, headshot


    Major: Psychology | College: Nine | Hometown: Dongguan, Guangdong, China

    This is Candice, Yunying. I am from China. I am a junior in Psychology major, interested in developmental research. I love books and postcards. Although I am on a wheelchair now, I am more than willing to help my mentees as much as I am able to.

  • Catiana, headshot


    Major: Environmental Studies & Biology | College: Nine | San Jose, CA

    Hi there! I’m a second-year Environmental Studies/Biology major from College Nine, and I’m beyond excited to be a mentor this year. I love food trucks, books, traveling, and listing things in parallel structure. Looking forward to meeting you!

  • Claire, headshot


    Major: Mathematics | College: Rachel Carson College | Hometown: Beijing, China

    I am a second-year Mathematics major from college Eight. I began with this program in 2016 as a mentee and now looks forward to taking on the role of Peer Mentor. I enjoy watching movies.

  • Daniel headshot


    Major: Marine Biology | College: Ten | Hometown: Madrid, Spain

    I am a second year UCSC marine biology student, I come from Spain and I really enjoy swimming, which is kind of ironic because I was afraid of water until I was 19 years old. During my time at UCSC, I want to do as much research as possible, once I get into it, I want to learn how to scuba dive and how to skin dive and I want to make a lot of new friends. I really like seafood and I love to eat chocolate, probably a bit too much, and in my free time I enjoy playing video games, swimming, hanging out with friends and reading books about fantasy, science fiction and ancient history.

  • David, headshot


    Major: Accounting | College: Stevenson | Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

    I am a second year accounting major student from Stevenson College. I was born in Seoul, South Korea, but I grew up in Cypress, California. I like to eat food, travel, and meet new people!

  • Denise, headshot


    Major: Community Studies | College: Ten | Hometown: San Francisco, CA

  • Ella, headshot


    Major: Undeclared | College: Nine | Hometown: Guangzhou, China

    I am a first-year Business Management Economics major and maybe Music minor in College Nine. I am also an active member of Chinese Student and Scholar Association (CSSA) and Ultimate Sol player on campus. I like meeting new people and learning about varied cultures.

  • Eva, headshot


    Major: Intensive Psychology | College: Ten | Hometown: Compton, CA

    I am a first generation Mexican-American college student, originally from Compton, California. I am majoring in Intensive Psychology and I’m affiliated with College Ten. I volunteer at two hospitals and I’m a member of the MINT program. I am also involved with a few organizations on campus and truly excited to serve the following school year as a peer mentor.

  • Ivan, headshot


    Major: Business Management Economics | College: Oakes | Hometown: Mexico, El Salvador, U.S.

    I’m a fourth year Technology and Information Management (TIM) major from Oakes college. Second year serving as a Peer Mentor in this program. I enjoy playing video games and soccer.

  • Ivy headshot


    Major: Technology & Information Management | College: Nine | Hometown: Swatow, China

    I am a third-year Business Management Economics (BME) major, accounting concentration from College Nine. I began this program as a mentee, and I am excited about continuing on into the role of Peer Mentor. This is my second year to be a mentor. I enjoy outdoor activities and sports.

  • Joanna, headshot


    Major: Economics & Mathematics | College: Merrill | Hometown: Shanghai, China

    Hi, slugs! My name is Chenyue Zhou, and I go by Joanna. I am from Shanghai, China. I will be a second year majoring Econ & Math major affiliated with Merrill. This is my first-year work as a peer mentor & I am super excited to meet all you guys!

  • Jocelyn, headshot


    Major: Economics & Mathematics | College: Ten | Hometown: Dalian, China

    Hi everyone! I am a third-year Economics & Mathematics major from College Ten. I began this program as a mentee in my first year and was a Peer Mentor last year. I am excited to continue participating in the program this year as a Peer Mentor.

  • Jones, headshot


    Major: Mathematics & Computer Science | College: Crown | Chengdu, China

    Hi everyone, I am a fourth year international student with math and computer science  major. I like playing basketball and listening music! Hope to see you guys in our program soon!

  • Joseph, headshot


    Major: Computer Science | College: Oakes | Hometown: Dalian, China

    I am a second-year Computer Science major from Oakes college. I am a member of HR department at CSSA (Chinese Students & Scholars Association) and also the drummer in TEA&R band. I enjoy making friends and taking part in any interesting activities.

  • Kate, headshot


    Major: Computer Science | College: Nine | Hometown: Shanghai, China

    I am a third-year computer science major from College Nine. I enjoy playing games and watching movies.

  • Lop, headshot


    Major: Art Game Design | College: Ten | Hometown: Hebei, China

    I am a second year student major in Art & Game Design Major! I enjoy playing video games of course (especially console games) ! I began this program as a mentee and I decided to become a mentor because I want to know more interesting people!

  • Miranda, headshot


    Major: Neuroscience | College: Merrill | Hometown: Hong Kong

    I am a third year Molelucal Cell and Developmental Biology major from Merrill College. I see beauty in minimalism :)

  • Philip, headshot


    Major: Undeclared | College: Cowell | Hometown: Shanghai, China

    I’m a second-year student and it’s my first year being a mentor. My intended major is Computer Science, and besides academics I enjoy playing basketball, guitar and making music from time to time.

  • Phong, headshot


    Major: Biology | College: Nine | Hometown: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

    I am a second year Moleculary Cell & Developmental Biology major, affiliated to College nine. I start this program as a mentee and look forward to being a peer mentor.

  • Rick, headshot


    Major: Bioinformatics | College: Cowell | Hometown: Wuhan, China

    I am a third year Bioinformatics major. I am affiliated with Cowell College. I am an active member of Sigma Mu Delta, a pre-medical fraternity here on campus. I hope to help incoming international students to smoothen their transition from highschool to college.

  • Sammie, headshot


    Major: Computer Science | College: Nine | Changsha, China

    I’m a second year computer science major from College Nine, I also got start at this program as a mentee and is very excited to continue participating this program as a Peer Mentor.

  • Simone, headshot


    Major: Business Management Economics | College: Nine | Hometown: Jilin, China

    My name is Simeng Wu (Simone). I am a third-year Business Management Economics major from College Nine. I began this program as a mentee in 2015 and now looks forward to taking on the role of Peer Mentor.

  • Tina, headshot


    Major: Business Management Economics | College: Porter | Hometown: Shanghai, China

    My name is Tina Zhu. I am a second-year Business Management Economics student from Porter College.I have worked as an accountant for Chinese Student and Scholar Association for one year. Last year, I joined this program as a mentee, and I’m super excited to meet new mentees as a Peer Mentor.

  • Winston, headshot


    Major: Computer Science | College: Kresge | Hometown: Tianjin & Beijing, China; Cupertino, CA

    I am a second year Computer Science B.S. and Electronic Music minor student affiliated with Kresge College. I began this program as a mentee in 2016 and are interested in digital audio workshops and fusion of multicultural music. I begin a band, TEA&R, which focus on the fusion of traditional East Asian and Rock music.